Pisco Sour & Chocolate


At 4:30 p.m.

Two Stages:

The class begins by making the Peruvian national cocktail. Have fun blending your very  own Pisco Sour or Passion fruit Sour,

  1. Experience the process of tempering chocolate.
  2. Mold, mix and match fillings to create your own chocolate.
  3. Learn about the cacao tree and cacao beans.
  4. Roast cacao beans for use.
  5. Grind cacao nibs to get pure 100% chocolate.
  6. Know the 3 last processes to get final chocolate product.
  7. Prepare the native Mayan hot chocolate and the modern version.
  8. Package your chocolate in pretty paper to impress your family and your friends.

Chocolates in Cusco

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