Our Chocolate Making Process

Bonbonao chocolates is made with the native cacao from Cusco - La convención call Chuncho, this cacao beans is provides us from the local coperative Alto Urubamba, who are certificate as organic productors.
Organic cacao beans from Cusco.
The cacao beans have to be clean taking out the garbage before they are roast.

To roast we use two ways:
Like families makes at home in our store:

Like a big factory in a cilider sturing it all time:
Cacao beans are peel off to get cacao nibs.
The cacao beans are ground to get cacao liquor 100% pure chocolate.
Nextly, we work with this machine until the chocolate gets ready and mould it or make other impresive inventions.

Our final chocolates.
Dark chcolate 80% by Bonbonao - Cusco
Truffles of coconut, peanuts, pisco, aguymanto and strawberry with ganache of dark choclate 70 %

Chocolates in Cusco

BONBONAO an artesanal chocolatier, offers handmade chocolates made from scratch to bar of organic cacao beans from La convención - Quillaba...